Keep your HEADS TIGHT,

your MOODS Loose,

your love alive,

with a prayer and a load

"of this",

OUR tree of life.....

If we are honest with the children

They may be raised with love and not play with guns...

and the children will grow strong and truthful

Give thanks and praises for the herb.


some believe father, son, spirit while others know fire, smoke = MIND

CANNABIS;THE FACTS by Dan Quaintance

The religious use of Cannabis, the medicinal use of Cannabis, the social use of Cannabis,the materialistic use of Cannabis, by humans, extends to periods of history that one can only speculate of and about. At least two independent branches of Science have estimated the G-coupled protein receptor, that cannabis acts upon, to be over 600 million years of age. It's appearance predates the evolution of the human species; Cannabis may be intrinsically involved in human evolution. The active component of cannabis, THC, acts as an intracellular messenger, conducting signals from the exterior of cells to the interior. Science has commented that it may be part of an ancient internal signaling system of organisms. To Christians"GOD"is, considered ancient, and is considered to communicate amongst organisms; by this same comparison, Cannabis could rightfully be equated with "GOD". Cannabis has been used to manufacture over 25,000 articles of commerce; in such diverse areas as food, rope, twine, cloths, paper, fuel, edible and lubricating oils, paints, varnish, resin, wax, soaps, perfume, ink, plastics, and more. Cannabis has an EthnoBotanic history attributing it as herbal remedy with ability to work against nearly ever virus, bacteria, and poison that is known to have an evil influence upon human-kind; excepting maybe some recent man-made evils! Ancient beliefs attributed Cannabis ingestion with imparting wisdom, and long life. Scientific investigation has shown that the higher you look up the evolutionary ladder the greater the number of cannabis receptors there are to be found in the areas of the brain attributed with affecting cognition; thus science and ancient beliefs seem to coincide; confirming that cannabis use may impart "wisdom". A second place the two coincide is the fact that the spleen, a major part of the bodies immune system, also has numerous cannabis receptors. This could indicate that humans ability to survive certain ailments may be linked with an ancient reliance upon the cannabis plant--as part of their natural, supplemental, defense system -- essential to their health, and longevity. Several, ancient,religious works and reference books, conjoined, link cannabis with the "Tree of Life". Cannabis, of all of natures plants, most accurately fits ALL of the definitions of the elusive "Tree of Life"; further, it is the only plant on earth that has the ability to supply every essential need for human existence; their Food, Fuel, Clothing, Housing, Paper to record their knowledge, Medicine, a Social and Personal intercommunications enhancer; it is no wonder that to some it is considered a sacred sacrament, and to others a "Deity". Numerous studies have been conducted upon the use of Cannabis by humans; nearly all have concluded that to prohibit its use would cause more harm to society than to allow its use. Studies of populations, concerning the effects of long-term use, have shown no significant difference Physically, or Mentally, between Cannabis users and non-users; other than users may live slightly longer, and may exhibit a slightly higher IQ than non-users. Contrary to popular belief that cannabis user makes one lazy, (anti-motivation syndrome), it has been historically used by laboring populations to ease the drudgery of physical labor they performed in mines, and cane-fields. Cannabis stimulates the appetite, though, it has also been historically used to ease the pains of hunger when food was not available. Criminalizing Cannabis came through the financial influence of giant Corporations that would have to compete with market forces were cannabis cultivation and utilization not criminalized. The forces financing continued criminalization, tougher legislation, and propaganda Demonizing Cannabis use, remain to be giant Corporations that would have to compete with market forces; were cannabis cultivation and utilization not criminalized; along with lobbying efforts of law Enforcement Agencies, and their Unions that now seek job security through the continued enforcement of laws against Cannabis cultivation and use. Unlike Christianity, in which so many have been converted by force, during periods of "Inquisitions", "Conquest and Conquering"; Self-will, along with self-evident truths, convert the user of cannabis to their reliance; exploring the properties and history of cannabis use support their continued use; and faith in the benevolent effects of Cannabis. People then "praise" the virtues of cannabis, use, make up as least one fifth of the worlds population. Cannabis users are fighting for their equal Liberty, and Protection, in nearly every Member Nation of the United Nations. Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Coptic, Magi, Therapueti, Bedouin, Shinto, Sufi, Dagga, as well as many other religions, all have populations amongst them that sanctify the religious use of Cannabis; though in many of their modern, Christian converted, counterparts cannabis as a religious artifact has lost it's significance.

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