The timing of the Universe

As we became more drawn, to become closer to that which gave us flight,our future is at hand.Embrace the world you would create NOW!!


Honesty is the path to the future..


Well,,,,,, Aloha, and welcome to the garden of WED,,,, Come on in. We would like to offer to you our ideas on a few thoughts that might be of interest ME ku'u aloha

from the earth we are given everything

that we need to Grow

Love is in the garden

Love can be found in the strangest ways. The earth is kind to help us to know our meaning. Spend time in the garden and joy is sure to follow


We are on the edge of a interesting space,, Our minds.... "United we are strong"


This is what we our en-joy-ing

A thanks to ALL who's prayers are offered.

Although we of the hemp ulitilizing community are in general very peaceful, in our approach to life from time to time one of us may be flushed out of the (bushes) to do battle...This is a very large MAHALO to our family for their Truth which they offers so freely...From the Church of Cognizance..

We of the church of Cognizance Honor this plant

May your earthly riches be filled with inner Joy!!

IVA is forever Green

What has the HERB done to help your life? To be more mellow? To take off the edge? Cause you to laugh and smile alot? The HERB is SPIRIT-U-ALL

people gathering for services, in practice..

As america ages, so then should it's tolerence's for everyone's spiritual approach, more compassion in veiwing others.. there is much we have to share!!!

A living Prayer

humanity has been searching for the secrets to what we are, well, who we are and have always been is WAKING UP.......Thought on the MOVE..

angels pretending to be humans

and some good friends

These are some People helping People

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