So where are we in 2001, at last making progress..

The truth is good for US.....

Estimated U.S. deaths in year 2000 attributed to

  • TOBACCO: 400,000
  • ALCOHOL: 110,000
  • SUICIDE: 30,000
  • MURDER: 15,000
  • over the counter painkillers: 7,600

Number of American arrested since 1970 on marijuana-related charges: over 13 million

Good vibes to you ALL

and may your life be full of the truth, which is God..

and may 'MAGIC' fill your Life and Prayers


and may we all share in the true bread of life "SPIRIT"..

We will put up a Star for You

Smiling is the Cure

Special Thanks to Janelle Ryan (NELLE BELLE) and Dan and Mary Quaintance and family... also all the friends that help. P.S. Thanks also to Jah-neen for her help with my spelling and her powerful prayers...LOVE TO YOU ALL.....

Any input is welcome

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